Want to win a Nightmare?

In my regular searchings for what contests to enter today, I came across the silliest thing I have ever heard. This is for one of those sweepstakes (not a video contest) but sweepstakes and video contest enterers tend to run in the same circles, so I be seeing their shit sometimes.

Anyway, check it out, HGTV is giving away chance to WIN A DREAM HOME!

I’ve included the link in case anyone wants to enter. I am not entering. The grand prize is a dream home in Sonoma California, furniture, a brand New Chevy of some kind, and a dream home for your dog. Total prize package value? $2,000,000!!!

That’s right, 2 MILLION dollars! I’m worried enough about paying for taxes from my last year of winning, and I won big chunks of CASH. How the fuck is someone supposed to cover taxes on winning (and subsequent property taxes and stuff) on $2,000,000?!!?! Even if they sell the house, in the current market, everyone knows they might not even get enough to pay off the initial taxes! And what about the stupid dog house?! Who wants to be spending $25,000 in cash so their dog can live in a $50,000 house?!!!

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be such a gloomy gus – if you have anywhere between 8-9 hundred thousand dollars in cash lying around and are interesting in a home in Sonoma, by all means, enter away.

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