March Begins, Need Votes and New Ideas

So this video below is basically one that I had originally made for the Jim Beam contest. However, it was deemed too lewd to be eligible, so I’m going to have to make another entry for that thing. In the meantime, I was really happy with this joke, so I went ahead and tweaked the beginning and end and I give you episode 1 of: Awesome Hospital.

Apparently the boob grab was too much for the Jim Beam people. I will put together another entry that involves less licking, more Jim Beam I suppose.

But as March begins, my head isn’t thinking only about new entries. No! I’m also focused on the fact that I am a finalist in the Solo Foods Contest! I need votes, and that means I need you. To vote.

Visit solofoods

Vote for “Almond Thumb Print Cookies”

Do it. Now. It’ll feel good and I could win a years supply of filling for cakes and cookies and pies and then I will have incentive to learn how to cook and/or bake and use filling appropriately (or inappropriately for other contests, as the case may be.)

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