Ted’s Montana Burger Fanatic

I am embarking on a new strategy starting with my entry for Ted’s Montana Burger’s contest – I’m not going to post my entries unless I have to until the final days, so that I don’t risk other people finding out about the contest from me and increasing the amount of my competition. That said, first, check out my video entry if you like:

You may or may not have enjoyed that. I certainly thought it was brilliant and insightful. 

Now as to the reason not to spread too much info about it – there are a total of 29 entries, some of which are actually just sample videos – grand prize is a brand new toyota prius. 2nd prize is a trip for 2 to Bozeman, Montana. I like those odds.

So watch the video and be generous with a nice comment. I don’t know what I would do if I won a Prius, but that trip for 2 to Montana would be totally kickass, as it’s one of the 7 states I have left to see. Maybe a few extra views and some audience love could help, so 5 star ratings and then leave a comment like “brilliant.” or “love the hat,” or, “genius.” Do that by clicking on the link here:

Happyjoel the Burger Fanatic

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