Happyjoel in the ER with Pneumonia

So I got back from a trip which wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped because I spent 4 out of 5 days of it in bed all day every day coughing. Wasn’t sure why, but after the nightmare plane ride home, I headed to the hospital where the doctor decided it was pneumonia. They pumped me full of some steroids and shit, and then hooked me up to this thing while my lady was kind enough to take a picture.

I’m glad I have the beard at the moment because it makes me look like I have pneumonia for some reason.

All of this means I’m going to be able to do less than I’d like to get out the vote for my Quizno’s contest entry, so I’m counting on your help. Please, don’t just vote every day yourself, tell someone. Tell them to vote because I’m engaged and need it for a nest egg. Tell them to vote because I just got pneumonia. Tell them to vote because my video is the best one. Just tell someone. Please.

Skyscraper of Sandwiches!


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