Happyjoel in the Dayton Daily News!!!

I have great news! The Dayton Daily News, my hometown newspaper, finally decided to do an article about me and I couldn’t be happier!

Winning Contests is This Guy’s Job

The thing I am happiest about is the use of the quote, “I wanted to be a cat burglar and run around the world stealing art.” That is about the coolest quote ever to appear in a news organizations column, I think.

If you’re reading this and found me as a result of the article, let me first say welcome. I am honored to have more Daytonians checking out my site. And let me second say, we’ve only got a few days left of voting in the Quizno’s contest for $10,000 and I can use all the help I can get! Please vote and pass it along!

Skyscraper of Sandwiches

1 thought on “Happyjoel in the Dayton Daily News!!!”

  1. Hey Joel,
    Congrats on the hometown news story. I always dig it when I find out about such an event. I am hoping the bully who spit his used gum in my hair in the 3rd grade is walking with headphones on behind a garbage truck listening with rapt attention to the news blurb, ha ha ha. I am sick.

    Hey, anyways, I started my blog and am inviting you to come by and post. Check out the exchanges between Brett, Keith and myself as well as Douglas (the owner of VidOpp.com) and myself. They are pretty insightful. You figure large in the broader picture of the genre and would love to have you post something if you feel inclined.

    Good luck on the Quiznos. I’ll vote again for you (and my buddy…sorry). But Hey, I’ll vote a bunch of other entrants ‘down’…does that work?



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