Secret Singapore Grand Prix Contest

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Yo – so I didn’t mention this contest because there are so few entries I didn’t want to increase the competition, and I was really happy I found this one because none of the major video contest sites picked up on it – it’s to win a trip to Singapore for the F1 race. I don’t think I have mentioned how much hunting and searching I do on the back end to find secret contests, but I was really happy about finding this one, and fortunately, the entry period is over.

The winner will be determined by judges, so I’m just putting it here for you to see what I did. It may not be my best work, but I think it has a good chance at winning me a trip to Singapore, which would make me incredibly happy because I hear Singapore is super awesome.

Now to explain a little of the logic of the piece – I think that the people running this contest take it seriously, and that they wanted something that has a little bit of rock music, and pictures of cars in Singapore, and doesn’t get bogged down with too many “jokes” so that’s what I made. Also, I put on a tie, which I think has to earn me SOME points. Also, it looks like a really cool race, and I like Formula 1 way more than Nascar.

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