One Minute Meditation Contest with Stacey Mayo

My wife meditates daily. Usually for about an hour at a time. So when I saw this contest that was about a one minute meditation I thought, “definitely – I want some benefits of meditation but between my busy schedule and my trying to convince myself I have a busy schedule, I barely have time.”

So great – this contest is for a one minute meditation. I can totally do that. I started listening to it a few days ago, and it actually, totally is awesome to reset myself. You’ll see I do about 15 seconds of serious intro and outro, but the middle has some jokes in it. Also, the middle is actually only exactly what I thought the first time I sat down to do the meditation, so I figured honesty works best.

Then the good news is, I got an email as part of Stacey Mayo‘s mass emailing list today that was about the contest, but also saying, “I just got this awesome/hilarious entry from a guy named Joel, check it out and see if it doesn’t make you laugh!” Great news! Contest is still open for another week or two, but I think that’s a really good sign!

She even wrote a blog post about it titled “A Meditation Contest Video That Made Me Laugh

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