Greenscreen Joel

Greenscreen Joel

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It’s been a couple months since I entered a contest, and for a few reasons:
1) I was in India for a month.
2) I was taking a break
3) I ran out of room on my external harddrive, and kept delaying getting a new one.

So today, since it’s monday, and a new month, and I’m back from India and I don’t have any good excuses, I am rededicating myself to work. Also, I’ve got my mustache back which extra makes me want to make stuff.

To prove this, I bought a new hard drive, and fixed up all my greenscreen stuff on our bedroom wall. It’s not a big surface, but I guess the whole point of a greenscreen is that you will never know how small that wall actually is. (Here’s a hint – very small.)

I only have two lights to work with, and as evidenced by basically every video I have ever made, I don’t know how to:
a) Do sound
b) Do lights
c) Do greenscreens
d) Do post-production.

But, it’s been looking like the quality of entries has been steadily increasing in every contest I see, so I figured I’ve got to at least try to up my game a little. I’ve been doing some after effects basic training, I played with the lights, and I’ve got a new song for a new contest that I’m pretty excited about (more on that when it’s done.)

In the meantime, if you know how to key stuff in behind me, feel free to download the picture and do it, just please post it as a comment on this blog so I can see where you put me.

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