Happyjoel – Man of the Future

That’s right, that’s me, Happyjoel. I didn’t realize how awesome the future was going to be until I had a glimpse of it, courtesy of a massive going-out-of-business sale at the local costume shop. Now I own this blue suit, which is not only stylish and extremely comfortable, but it’s also what everyone will be dressing like in the future.

The problem? Well, I needed to go get those stupid white kanye sunglasses that look like a pain to look out of, otherwise I would just be an embarrassment to time travelers everywhere. So I grabbed my bike and some cash to ride up to the boardwalk and purchase some, and instantly ran in to a problem – no fucking pockets. That’s right, there’s no pockets in the future, which is totally lame.

So I’m saying this right now – the onesies, comfortable. The monocolor, stylish. The loose hang of the garments, excellent. But the pockets. We’ve got to go retro in the future and bring back the pockets.

In the meantime, if you want to see further picture of Happyjoel, Man of the future. You can see me getting comfortable with my surroundings, and returning to my own time.

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