Superbowl Video Contest Entry featuring Running

So there are only two days left to get a video in to the superbowl contest, and I’ve been working for a couple days to get mine out, hampered slightly by the rain in LA, but I just got it finished. Here’s the entry:

If you wanna give it a nice rating, visit this video on godaddy

So here’s the thing – it features running, which I think is funny and applies because of the “go” part of the name. And it features a song, which I like because I have fun writing them.

The thing is, I’ve checked through some of the other entries (mostly just the ones that automatically pop up when you visit the Godaddy Video Contest Page) and it seems to me that the VAST majority are videos about girls doing the traditional godaddy thing. If that’s what they are looking for, then I do not stand a chance even though I showed my teeny nipples in this video.

If, however, the reason they are hosting a user generated video contest for new commercials is because they are trying to do some rebranding, then I think I’ve got a shot. It just seems to me if they wanted more of the same style videos about girls, they can do a lot better at finding hot ones with the real ad agencies they’ve been using than outsourcing that gig to film school students.

I did however, find one that wasn’t about girls that I genuinely enjoyed. I’m posting that below.

I hope it’s me running and a video of a goat in the superbowl. If godaddy really wanted to change their marketing campaign, that would do it.

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