…And You Shall Know Us By the Trail of Puppets

Think I couldn’t figure out more puppet appropriate entries to create with the puppets I bought? Well THINK AGAIN! I didn’t spend over $40 a piece on these puppets to only use them 8 times!

In this edition of puppets sing things, I recorded my own version of the Backblaze Blog theme song (you have to use their lyrics), complete with slide whistle. If you can’t hear the slide whistle, turn it up and listen for the thing that makes every other instrument sound 5 degrees stupider (stupider in a good way! Like when Stupid is the sound you’re going for!) Other instruments that can change the degree of stupidness of a song are:

Kazoo   +10 degrees stupidity

Jug        +12 degrees stupidity

Superfluous Wah-wah pedal  +2 degrees stupidity

The prize for this contest is one of those brand new iPads that came out today, so I’m going to tag the word iPad all over this post to try to drum up some views. ipad HD ipad 3 mac apple iphone 3g 4g 5g sg gg

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