Number 31 on the iTunes Comedy Charts With a Slow-Moving Bullet!

Last night the album finally came out!

You: Which album, Joel?

Me: You remember that Free To Be You And Me Parody album I was telling you about? Andy Richter! Fred Willard! Lizzy Caplan! Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Gos! (and, just as awesomely, Joan of Arc from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures!) The album is out, and for the measly, piddly price of $3.99 you can own it AND proceeds go to St. Jude’s Hospital (in honor of Marlo Thomas, creator of the original Free To Be album which changed all of our childhoods.)


It's the pink album, that's the one I made.
It’s the pink album. That’s ours!

So now’s the time when you head over and buy that sh*t! And if you have a blog, WRITE ABOUT THAT SH*T! Just like they did on Slate, Nerdist, Hollywood Reporter and RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE.

It’s OK To Do Stuff On Sale NOW!!!

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