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The Jacuzzi Power Flush toilet (Aka “Jacuzzi toilet”) features two ways to flush – pushing up, and pushing down. They call it the “power flush” because you can flush up for light stuff like urine, and flush down for heavy stuff like poop. You would THINK with a product like that Jacuzzi would have a sense of humor, but alas, they decided that my video with my pregnant wife and I rapping about their products was not the best thing they’d ever seen and we lost the contest. But you can still use this page to determine if a Jacuzzi toilet is right for you.

Is a Jacuzzi toilet good?

Well, that depends on what you mean by good. If you mean good as in reliable, efficient, and comfortable, then yes, a jacuzzi toilet is good. If you mean good as in fun, exciting, and relaxing, then maybe not so much? Unless you enjoy sitting on name brand seats while doing your business. In that case, a jacuzzi toilet is great!

Where can I buy the Jacuzzi toilet seat?

I’m pretty sure you can’t buy them anymore. However, you can find their replacement parts:

Jacuzzi toilet seat reviews

The jacuzzi toilet has mixed reviews from customers who have bought and used it. Some people love it and say it is the best toilet they have ever had3. They praise its strong flush, easy installation, and comfortable seat. They also say it is quiet and saves water. Other people hate it and say it is the worst toilet they have ever had3. They complain about its poor quality, frequent leaks, and faulty parts. They also say it is noisy and wastes water.

VERDICT: It was pretty good. 3.5 stars.

Can we see your Jacuzzi double flush losing contest entry?

How Does the Jacuzzi Toilet Work?

The jacuzzi toilet worked like any other toilet, except it has a special flushing system that uses pressurized water to create a powerful and effective flush. The water comes from a tank that is connected to the water supply and fills up after each flush. The flush valve releases the water into the bowl when you press the handle or button. The water then swirls around the bowl and pushes the waste down the drain. The jacuzzi toilet also has a trapway that prevents clogs and leaks.

Are you sad you lost this contest?

Yes! But

1) We have a record of this for our second child, that he was part of this video and so that he can see what his mother was doing while he was busy growing inside her.

2) We got the money for the toilet seats back from Target. That’s right. Target accepted a RETURN ON TOILET SEATS EW EW EW EW EW!!!

Is Jacuzzi a luxury toilet seat?

I suppose it is, if you consider paying extra for a brand name a luxury. Jacuzzi is a well-known manufacturer of hot tubs, spas, and bathtubs, but they tried making toilet seats for a while, and many people still have them in their homes and need to get parts for them. Expect to find them in high-end homes.

How many flush options are on the Jacuzzi power flush toilet?

The jacuzzi power flush toilet had two flush options: full flush and half flush. The full flush uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush and is meant for solid waste. The half flush uses 0.8 gallons of water per flush and is meant for liquid waste. You can choose between the two options by pressing the corresponding button on the top of the tank. The buttons are labeled with symbols: a circle for full-flush and a half circle for half-flush.

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