Win a Free iPod From Joel!

Here’s the deal, read carefully to get it:

1) I just found out I’m a semi-finalist in the Klondike Contest, and for that, I want to first say thank you.

2) From Little Penguin Wine, I got a brand new, still wrapped in plastic, 8 GB iPod Touch. I already have one, so I’m giving the new one away.
And because I love contests, I’m giving it away in a contest.

To win, all you have to do is invite as many people as possible to join THIS facebook group.

When they join, they must write a wall post with two sentences.

Sentence number one, saying something, ANYTHING, about me.

Sentence number two, saying “1 point for ______” and have them list your name (the person who invited them).

Whoever has the most points, as determined by number of times “1 point for (your name here)” is written by different individual members, on this group’s facebook wall, will win the iPod (valued at around $300). I will pay shipping. You don’t even have to pay tax on it.

All this is being done to make sure as many people as possible are part of the group and are ready to vote for Klondike to make the $100,000 a reality. And also to say thanks to you all for your continued support!

You have until August 1st.

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