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So here’s the deal – I had this goatee (it was going to be a mustache again, but I got exhausted), and I decided that as long as I had it, I might as well use it for a contest. So I brainstormed with my brother and we came up with the idea of going to find the best straight razor shave in New York City, and then blogging the experience.

Before I go on, the voting is simple – no registration, no email address, just click if you like it. (the best put together website for video contest voting yet!)

Southwest Airlines Joel-o-Spondant

Here’s why:

In the Southwest Airlines “Blog-o-spondant” contest, one of the more interesting official rules was “you can be dismissed if you don’t look appropriate for SouthwestAirlines.” And there is nothing that says “I don’t look appropriate” like a poorly grown in ’stache. 

So I did get an experience I’ve been wanting my whole life: an immigrant in New York City taking a straight razor to my face (with, by the way, Opera playing in the background!). I had to do some finagling to get permission because the owner was worried I would start the tape, and jump around while I was getting shaved to get my face sliced off and then post it on youtube.

Just for the record – I love getting attention, but I am not going to trade a few thousand views on youtube for a face-slicing-offing. 

Anyway, top ten get interviewed by phone, favorite three get flown to Vegas for a chance at a live weekend of blogging, winner gets sent around the country by Southwest to blog about different cities they fly to. Awesome. Now go vote!

(I’m putting the video here for you to see, but PROMISE ME YOU’LL CLICK THE LINK AND VOTE!!!)

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