Honda of Bowie Can Go Straight to Hell.

First of all, here’s the video (which I’m proud of, and Ed did a beautiful job with)

Now here’s the real problem – this is the first time that I was punished for my contest winning success, and I think it’s a failure of judgement on the part of the Honda of Bowie people. I submitted in time months ago with this entry, well before the October 1st deadline. There were 4 videos in total, and mine was the clear winner. The problem came with the New York Times article.

In the days after the NYTimes article, the people of Honda of Bowie extended the deadline another month, and 13-15 more entries came in in the days immediately following my coverage. This is frustrating enough, but here’s my biggest problem – just yesterday, I get an email from Honda of Bowie that reads:

Re: Re: Hi there!
Just as a heads up the winner will be announced this Friday and next Tuesday (11/25) a week from today at 11am the winner will be presented with the 09 Civic. All things are looking good for a certain someone to win but that is unofficial for now!   



So I get my hopes up, naturally, don’t start spreading the word, but I tell Ed that his hard work looks like it’s going to pay off, spend half a day trying to make plans to get to DC, etc. Then today, while I’m off enjoying “Quantum of Solace” (one more good one, and Daniel Craig will be my favorite all time Bond…) and I come home to an email to me that reads:

We appreciate your submission in the Honda of Bowie Ur Ad Here contest! Our panel of independent judges have selected Honda of Bowie Fairy Tale as the winner. Good luck with your future contests. If we have another contest we will certainly send you notification!


I wrote back. Pissed. And I still am. And my brother gives me shit about getting so angry when I lose, because I’ve won so many times, but I don’t mind as much when I lose if I didn’t deserve to win! It’s when my entry is the best and I don’t win that I get so damned angry! ARGHGHGHGHGH!
Anyway, I’ll be happy to get back to Dayton this week and eat and be merry with friends. But this Honda thing is going to have me mad for at least the next 6 hours. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in driving and was already making arrangements to sell the car if I won it, otherwise I’d be FURIOUS.
PS – Please don’t buy cars from Honda of Bowie. They’re poopheads.

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