Thanksgiving – the perfect time for a Klondike Thank You Party

This year’s annual Dayton, Ohio Thanksgiving party, (now 5th annual), became an opportunity for me to say thanks to so many of my supporters in one place and at one time.

My friends David and Jeff and I started it 5 years ago to bring together all the folks we grew up with at a specific bar, and then party. This year, I set aside a little over $2100.00 from Klondike winnings to blow as a way to say thanks.

So you’ll notice the headbands – Jeff’s brilliant idea. We bought 5 kegs of Miller Lite and one keg of the good stuff, Great Lakes. Then we made it so only people with headbands could drink from the good beer.

We had a raffle, too. The theme, as it frequently is with my living comedy, is disappointment. So I gave away a box full of chocolates in which there was a full bite missing from every piece. Gave away a Seinfeld “Scene It!” board game as one prize. Then the very next prize was a Seinfeld “Scene It DVD,” rendering both prizes useless. (Excellent suggestion David!)

We discussed what would be the most disappointing thing to fill a pinata with, and I think we came up with the perfect solution – string cheese. You wouldn’t believe how hilarious the faces of people surrounding a pinata are when it breaks and instead of candy, out comes string cheese. It’s not messy, and they aren’t angry – just really, really disappointed.

The brightest spot of thanks during the evening was the sick DJ work of this man in the picture, Ruckus Roboticus. That and tons of free booze, and the fact that my friends expect my comedy to manifest itself in awkward gift giving, made for one lovely evening. Gave me a chance to add people to my mailing list, and remind them to vote for Krazy Glue, but most of all it gave me a chance to say thanks to all the people on whom this absurd lifestyle has come to rely.

Thanks everyone, and happy thanksgiving!

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