To Enter, Must Buy Products

There’s been a recent wave of change among many of the contests being run that requires the purchase of their products, and featuring them in the video. As a result, I’ve ended up owning some stuff that, I am comfortable saying, I would not otherwise have owned.

For example, I am the proud owner of a large package of Solerra Self Tanning equipment. Not just the lotion and rub on stuff, but applicator pads and mitt, and even a “pre-tan body buff for use on face and neck.”

I also bought (though I cannot film my entry until the weather in LA clears up) a couple FabMaps, a waterproof, synthetic cloth map that is basically indestructible.

My favorite “for contest” purchase, however, is that little black and blue box sitting in the middle. It’s called “Manjunk,” and it is the only body wash made exclusively for a man’s junk. It’s also $35.00.

Now I’m not sure how a loving wife says to her husband, “Honey, I love you, and though soap is doing an excellent job cleaning the vast majority of your body, it’s just not cutting it for your junk. I got you this.”

I’ve already submitted my entry for Manjunk, and normally I would hesitate to talk about contests which are still open for entry, but since each of these contests requires people to own the products, and the deadline is fast approaching, I figured it was worth mentioning – especially if you need a junk-related-Christmas gift for someone you love.

I actually think it’s a pretty good idea on the part of the folks running the contest. You make sure your product is showing up, you limit entries to only people who are willing to put a little time in, you sell some product, etc.

The only downside is that you probably end up with fewer entries. But when so many entries are creepy people alone in their rooms ranting into webcams, and your product is “junk” related – it’s probably an intelligent choice.

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