• For a Klondike Bar…

    WHAT WOULD JOEL DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR? How about travel to New York, LA, DC, and the Arctic Circle, stuffing my face with Klondike bars in front of live, wild polar bears on the sea ice of Arctic Svalbard?  To see it, click here  Search for “happyjoel” in the search box and enjoy. Now the… Read more

  • Cartoonery

    Me as a Cartoon Originally uploaded by happyjoelmoss So I wrote this song for a contest to win a car. And I wrote to my buddy Ed, and I said, “I think this would be really funny as a cartoon, wanna do it with me?” He said yes. You can see the rough version of… Read more

  • Stirrings up Trouble

            Stirrings up trouble Part 1 Originally uploaded by happyjoelmoss No, the title doesn’t make sense, but here’s why it does: In my efforts to survive on strictly contest and contest related winnings, I’m a little more free with my entry policies than I used to be. In the beginning, I only went after the… Read more

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